Breakout Session One

How to Make Time for Health When You Have No Time Shannon Parker

Eating healthy and regular exercise are two thing all women know we need more of in our lives. However we all understand that knowing is not the same as doing. With busy schedules and demands from work, family and school we need to know how to make time for the healthy lifestyle we desire. In this session Shannon Parker shares wisdom on how to actually make your health a priority and practical advice to make doing so a breeze. Destination healthy life here we come!

Developing the Next Generation of Godly WomenAndi Clark 

In a postmodern world living God’s way seems out-of-date to many, but in this informative session Andi Clark explores Titus Chapter 2 on mentoring women and Biblical womanhood. You’ll learn how to develop Godly women and how to be that woman. If you’ve ever struggled with living God’s way in such a fallen world, or want to help women see the beauty in Biblical womanhood this is the session for you!

Breakout Session Two

Maintaining Emotional Health in the Busyness of Life Kia Stephens

Finding spiritual and physical help is not difficult for most women. However, emotional and mental health is a dangerously overlooked issue for women. In this session Kia Stephens provides personal insights and Biblical wisdom to enlighten women on this important issue. You will learn how to know if you need more help, where to find help, and practical ways to maintain your emotional health.

Recognizing and Maximizing the Season You’re In Linda Mendible

Just as there are different seasons in a year, there are different seasons in your life. Knowing and understanding these seasons are key to reaching the dreams and visions you desire for your life. In this session Linda Mendible teaches you how to recognize what season you are in and gives specific insights on how to maximize each season to guide you to a peaceful and purposeful life.

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